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The vibration absorption effect by DBCR treatment would offer various revolutionary effect to your driving.
Please be careful to following contents when driving with it. 
We will not be responsible to any accident or problem caused by these effects.

Caution during driving with DBCR
  • DBCR reduces interior noise and vibration of the car.  You could be easier to focus on music or videos you are playing besides driving. For whom are in the passenger sheet, it may make easier to go to rest.  The driver should be concentrated on driving and responsible for safety, to arrive the destination without an accident.
  • DBCR also reduces exterior noise of the car. There is a possibility that your car will be more undetectable from an elderly or birds and animals in front of the car and their reaction would be slower than before. Let them realize your car by using a short horn or by calling out.
  • DBCR is the equivalent to conventional treatment of applying tire repairing patch material inside the tire, as it distributes very thin layer to a part of tire inner surface. Please apply our service under notice of taking equivalent risks of safety and insurance just as you have conducted such flat tire repair by yourself or by a service shop.
  • DBCR offers improvement of handling characteristics and body swings at curves. Also, the vibration and noise would be highly reduced during highway driving so that you may not feel the speed with your body as before.  Also you maybe would like to drive into curve in higher speed than before. Please be responsible for safety, to arrive the destination without an accident.
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