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DBCR (DeBounCeR) Introduction of the technology

DBCR is a vibration reduction technology by applying a very thin layer which will act as a non-newtonian liquid(dilatant) during driving. It will improve the driving/passenger comfort.

It will reduce the tire temperature during driving by less load to the tires, and thus may extend the tire life.

It is also expected to improve the car dynamics characteristics, such as braking and handling, and contribute to driving safety, by stabilizing the contact patch. 

Vibration absorption effect
On chassis dynamometer driven at 108km/h. Vibration measurement at the center of the front wheel shaft.
Heat reduction effect during driving
Temperature measurement at the bottom of center groove during rolling resistance measurement. Loaded at 2600N and 108km/h
-3.4 ℃ heat reduction at the saturated temperature.
noise reduction effect (Listen with a headphone recommended!)
Driving same road section at 30km/h (Normal tire→DBCR tire)
DBCR Comparison movie
Vibration power spectrum comparison graph of the smooth road surface in the above movie.
Vibration power spectrum comparison graph of the rough road surface in the above movie.
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