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DBCR (DeBounCeR) Introduction of the technology

DBCR is a tire vibration reduction technology by painting a special thin coating which will act as a non-newtonian fluid( i.e. dilatant or Oobreck) during driving. 

Key benefits are:  Driving comfort improvement, Vehicle control improvement attained from contact patch stabilization, and Noise emission reduction which contributes to reduce load to environment from mobility infrastructure. 

Majority of customers reported improvement the fuel consumption. It is assumed to be due to reduced driving resistance resulted from less total vehicle vibration.

Vibration absorption effect
On chassis dynamometer driven at 108km/h. Vibration measurement at the center of the front wheel shaft.
Heat reduction effect during driving
Temperature measurement at the bottom of center groove during rolling resistance measurement. Loaded at 2600N and 108km/h
-3.4 ℃ heat reduction at the saturated temperature.
noise reduction effect (Listen with a headphone recommended!)
Driving same road section at 30km/h (Normal tire→DBCR tire)
DBCR Comparison movie
Vibration power spectrum comparison graph of the smooth road surface in the above movie.
Vibration power spectrum comparison graph of the rough road surface in the above movie.

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